It Gets Better

A while back my father-in-law looked into getting my logo trademarked for me. The lawyers at his firm were going to do it free of lawyering fees, but the paperwork itself would cost $350. Or so we were told.

I just went to the Florida Department of State page and saw that the filing fees for trademarking is about $87 per class. I will file just for my wearables, since they are the only thing with the logo actually on it and I have to provide 3 samples of how the logo is used.

I applied online last nite to become an LLC. Step by step things are falling into place.



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2 responses to “It Gets Better

  1. Chaitanya Mangala

    Haribol Devadeva prabhu,I regularly read your blog and appreciate the things you share as well as your efforts to develop Sabjimata and Human Made.I would like to comment on your attempts to trademark your logo. I suggest that you file with the US Trademark Office. This will offer you the most comprehensive protection because it covers the whole USA and has some limited recognition/protections in other countries.Filing with the State of Florida will only offer you protection in that state. Which leaves you another 49 states plus other various territories.You can file yourself. Or, you could have the lawyer’s in your father’s firm assist you with it. The filing fees are the same: $325.Below is a link to the US Trademark website: luck!Chaitanya Mangala dasa

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    ahhh…now it makes sense! i couldn’t understand why my father-in-law’s contacts said 3-something and the florida website said 80 bucks! prabhu, you have provided me with the missing link. so..back to the poorhouse…i mean, drawing board. i won’t be filing any time soon. but the us tm office is the way to go..thanks so much!

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