Starting the School Year….Yajna @ the Gurukula

the assembly of devotees 

krishangi fanning srila prabhupada

little vaisnavas



the end of the yajna

purushotama, the funny brahman boy

my happy boy next to his new bud, karuna

prabhupada going to school

coconut smash

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One response to “Starting the School Year….Yajna @ the Gurukula

  1. matagopal

    !WOW!Krishna has fulfilled my desire for even MORE Devadeva blogging!! I didn't know such a thing was possible. Don't tell anyone, but I have a great desire to live in Alachua. The rebel in me always says "DON'T DO IT!" But being a devotee itself is quite rebellious, so what's wrong with hangin' out with a whole bunch of rebels doing really cool rebellious stuff like start of school fire yajnas?? Venumadhava is probably ecstatic to have so many "little" friends. I wish only the best for you all, looks like you're all doing great. Miss you tons.

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