Sabjimata Kitchen: Rough Space

Tomorrow starts my children’s first day of school.  Of course I will miss my little sweeties (wink wink) but I have my ‘to do’ list ready to keep me busy.

First thing on the list is to get my jam kitchen in order.  And while I don’t actually have the moolah right now to remodel the kitchen and bring it up to inspect-able code, there are some preliminaries I can dig into.

There is paperwork to be filled out, equipment to be priced and surfaces to be cleaned. And while cleaning is my least favorite of the three, that is where I will begin. Although the kitchen is far from functional, the office space is terrific. I have two huge desks up there, all my stock and my shipping materials. I surely have more to do than my children’s initial ‘phasing in’ half days allow, but slowly slowly things will evolve into a clean, workable space. I just need to get into it and get it going.

Would you like a tour?

These are the steps leading up to the apartment…or “Jam Kitchen” as it is known around here.  There are too many, as I discovered last weekend when I was bringing case after increasingly heavy feeling case of jam down the steps to the car for selling at the temple Sunday program.  Also, the treads are about half the size of a normal tread, which makes lugging big, oversized objects (such as 50 lb. bags of sugar) a dangerous and freaky task.

This is the kitchen space proper.  Between the two windows I will one day have two gas stoves with range hoods.  I don’t need commercial stoves but definitely need as many burners as I can get.  An extra oven can’t hurt, either.  The countertop will be ripped out and along that wall will be my plumbing.  A sink already exists at the end.  That sink will be ripped out and a mop sink will go in it’s place.  A three basin sink will also go there, along with a hand sink. Can never have enough sinks!  This is what is required for it to be an inspectable kitchen.  Fluorescent tube lighting above the work stations and a double coat of high gloss paint on the walls will bring the joint up to code (along with a thermometer in the fridge).  I will put a stainless steel work table to the right of the stoves.  It isn’t much but “not much” seems to be all we have these days.  All I need now is a benefactor…or a really huge jam sale.  

This desk is awesome (as in big) and came with the house.  It is so big that it does not fit through the doorway into one of the bedrooms so it has to stay out in the hallway.  So much for  a formal office.  Actually, I am not complaining.  It is a well defined space and sure beats my four square feet of kitchen countertop I claimed as my office in my old house.

Ahhh….my shipping and stock room.  This makes me very, very happy.  This is the bedroom I wanted as my office, but plans changed once that desk wouldn’t make it through the doorway.  The desk in there now is even bigger, but comes apart into four separate pieces so it was possible to actually get it into the room. This is the desk I will use for packing up orders. It also came with the house, disassembled in the laundry room. It needs a good scrubbing with bleach water, but it is a real find.  Solid wood, this vintage desk was a standard issue at the AT&T offices.  I plan on getting more stainless steel shelves for organizing my stock and supplies.

This is the other bedroom which houses a spare fridge with top freezer and a chest freezer.  One day it will also house stainless steel shelving to hold bulk ingredients. Once the kitchen is up to code, I hope to increase my distribution a variety of ways, including farmers markets.  I have a whole list of prepared food items I would like to sell at the farmers markets.  Additionally, I really, really want to get into sorbet making.  The freezer is an important part of that plan.
So there you have it.  Nothing fancy. Lots of linoleum from 1962, but it’s in pretty good shape and au natural (if you don’t count the resin that’s mixed with the sawdust).  I love my jam kitchen and will love it more when it is functional.
Uh, anyone want to buy my Pennsylvania house?  That would help us out a lot….


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3 responses to “Sabjimata Kitchen: Rough Space

  1. Ginger

    Wow!! Looks neat!! Won’t it be nice to have your own space instead of having to share with your family kitchen? I wish soooo badly that we had a milk kitchen. I’m tired of dirty milk pails in my kitchen sink!! I got my jam tonight and can’t wait to eat it!!Oh, is it offered?

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    the business is my offering to sp. but the jam has not been formally offered. so it is up to you. many choose to see it as prasad. others choose to offer it to their deities. hope you like your bhoga/prasad. 😉i can relate with the milk buckets. really, i wish i had four kitchens…and four people to clean up after me!!!

  3. Ginger

    I guess we could just offer it to our prasadam ice cream 😉 I wouldn’t want four kitchens unless they did come with people to clean them up. I can’t even keep one clean!!

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