A Day in the Kitchen

The next few weeks are the busiest weeks for Vaisnavas all over the world. Today kicks it off with Sri Baladeva Purnima. This morning I headed over to the temple early to get there in time for the 4:30 aroti. A little after 8 I joined some girls on the veranda for a cucumber peeling party. Tonite there will be a huge feast at the temple, and by the looks of how many cases of cukes were peeled, I have a hunch that raita might be on the menu.

After some more Hare Krishna fun in the temple room, we headed home to cook a quickie but goodie lunch.

Brown basmati butter rice, spinach/tofu/tomato sabji, khandvi and sucanat burfi (the powdered milk, quick kind) were thrown together from whatever I could scavenge in our not-as-of-yet-well-stocked kitchen. My husband added asparagus pickle to the plate after the photo was shot. So here is the meal, sans Sabjimata.

Tonite there will be a big feast at the temple after the breaking of the honey pot (I have no idea how big this pot is…but I can tell you right now it sure as heck beats any pinata) so we made sure to leave a little room in our bellies.

One day I will get back to jam making. I promise.


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