The Jam Palette

The Jam Palette 
(featured clockwise from top center:  Jam, Jam, Jam, Jam, Jam, Jam, Jam)

Okay. So my friend, Kishori, who is the biggest Sabjimata fan and supporter (who is not my Jewish mother) is dying for me to post about the Jam Palette.  Actually, she was as disappointed as I was when my camera went missing because she knew the true meaning behind the calamity.  No Jam Palette pics.

The last weekend in PA, when we had the full house, we had two nites of jam palette tasting. The first nite was a little more chill and sober than the second.  Shakuntala, Sara and Kishori tasted spoonfuls of jam arranged on the outer edge of a paper plate (hence the name…Jam Palette) during an impromptu jam appreciation in my kitchen.  The Sadowski triplets–possibly the only Vaisnava triplets in the world…and 3 of Kishori’s 4 offspring–scampered about being cute and crazy exactly like you would expect toddlers in triplicate to be.
As more house guests arrived for the second nite, and as the clear, mountain valley air began to grab hold of my guests, everyone let loose rolling around on the floor, insisting on more Jam Palette.  Okay, not everyone. Just Kishori.  And she wasn’t really rolling, but rather supine and receiving a massage from our friend Palani.  That’s right, people, it was a late nite affair of massages and gourmet jam–a combination which transforms a bunch of responsible, straight laced parents into teenage, whippet sucking freaks.  It got pretty goofy in the Jam Palette room so the mature men (my husband and Radharadhya) excused themselves and left us girls to our Jam Palette fun.

Sara Swati Richardson samples the original Sabjimata Jam Palette on the first nite.  Triplet, Priya Sadowski, looks on.

My favorite mother of triplets, Kishori Sadowski, poses in my kitchen (which I really miss!!) with Kishor and Keshava.  

Here are the girls awaiting their Palettes. As you can see by the concerned expression on Kiriti’s face, things were starting to get a little out of control.  If this is the wild fun we are having in our 30’s…just wait until we hit our 40’s!  Woo-h00oooo000!

Next time I will have someone on call to feed Her Highness as she samples the Jam Palette while receiving her massage.    

Radharadhya pretty much just focused on the jam.  He’s serious.

All in attendance were loving the jam, although there was some discrepancy between the Cannavino’s about the Gooseberry Jam and the Ginger Jam.  Kiriti was not a Gooseberry fan while her husband was.  And vice-versa on the Ginger.  Sweet & Sour Cherry Conserve, Cherry Vanilla Conserve and Saffron Cardamom Peach Conserve and Sauce were hands down favorites amongst the gang.  Which, from the pictures, you may not feel are the most reliable witnesses.  But I assure you, Your Honor, these are all upstanding citizens.


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