Mark Bittman’s Shockingly Misshapen Flatbreads

The New York Times just ran a short piece on the summer grilling glories of the chapati. There was not much new revealed about the chapati, however, I what caught my attention was the picture…which I am having trouble uploading, but you can just click on the link and check it out.

Basically, the chapati picture accompanying the article by Mark Bittman had me feeling like I must be a reincarnated Gujarati-mata when it comes to rolling pin skills. All the chapatis shown in the pic are ragged edged and misshapen. And while the form (or lack of) doesn’t necessarily ruin the taste/dining experience when chapatis are involved, I would think the could come up with a better looking shot.

I mean, if Mark Bittman couldn’t turn out silky smooth, round chapatis, there must be someone in New York City who could!!!

After viewing a video of Mark hacking up the chapatis, I wonder how it is possible for anyone to have ever made a chapati before the invention of the refrigerator. Those poor Indian villagers will have to wait a few more decades until they have the modern conveniences of The Minimalist before they can turn out these simple flatbreads.

But I do give Mark an ‘A’ for confidence and demystifying a prep which too many people think too difficult to tackle. To see a video of The Maximalist making chapatis a more traditional way (with perfect results), click here.


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One response to “Mark Bittman’s Shockingly Misshapen Flatbreads

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the video links. I especially enjoyed the comments left on the Kurma video. Here’s one:“partha ji, he is memeber of ISKCON, they can read better sanskrit than many of hindu priest.they are pure follower of sanatan dharma. sometime if you get time visit local ISKCON temple.”

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