Bengali Chili Pickle

I almost forgot to post that Bengali Chili Pickle is now available through the Sabjimata online store.  

This pickle is very yum and knocks that oily jar of Patak’s pickle off the dusty Indian store shelf!  Local Hungarian Wax Chilis, pickled in a distinctively Indian masala with mustard oil, make this pickle a deliciously necessary condiment for anyone prone to a meal including basmati rice, puris, parathas or chapatis.  Eat it as a snack or alongside a full meal.  But by God! Do eat Sabjimata Pickle instead of Pataks!  
Say “Yuck!” to Pataks and “Yum!” to  Sabjimata.
Seriously, folks, everyone who tries this pickle loves loves loves it!  Without sounding like a late nite infomercial, after eating Sabjimata, you will not want to eat Indian store pickle.  I know, you’re thinking, “How could this white girl with a bindi make achaar better than a huge Indian food company?”.
Sabjimata Pickle is made in small batches under sanitary conditions using only kwality edible ingredients.  And if that guarantee isn’t authentic Indian sounding enough for you, well, then you are actually going to have to put your money where your mouth is and pony up for a jar of the good stuff.  The taste of my pickle far exceeds the big brand jar in authenticity because my pickle is made the traditional pickle way–by a mata with a big ol’ bindi stuck on her head, singing bengali bhajanas and hand grinding the masala.
Well, it is my hand pressing the button on the spice grinder 😉


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2 responses to “Bengali Chili Pickle

  1. karunamayi

    *wipes tears from face*Devadeva… You are a complete riot!

  2. Anonymous

    Nice post, I can see that you are looking for attention all the times !!

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