Austin, Take the Night Off!

The online food world is a fun and exciting place.  Since starting this jam blog, I’ve come in contact with some amazing chefs and food fanatics.  Recently, I received an email from Austin’s own Veggie Chef.  Cristina is a total gourmet vegetarian chef who will not only cook you scrumptiously healthy vegetarian meals tailored to your own personal dietary needs and tastes, she will do it in your own kitchen–giving new meaning to the phase “home cooked meal.”

Say goodbye to Amy’s frozen lasagna and say hello to a bubbling, oozing tray of hot lasagna straight from your own oven.  You can have all of the fun of a house filled with aromatic cooking smells with none of the work.  The Veggie Chef does all of the shopping, all of the cooking and all of the clean up.  And with plans that will fit into most people’s budgets, you can feel like a pampered celebrity in the comfort of your own mansion (or condo).  
Cristina’s site is full of mouth watering pictures, which may have a few of you relocating to Austin.  Not only is she a skilled chef, but she also has the art of seduction down when it comes to photographing her culinary creations.
A personal chef service is a nice alternative to eating out.  And with the rising cost of gas and food, having someone go shopping for you and expertly prepare your groceries sounds like a good way to cut down on personal waste.  No more impulse buys or half used heads of cabbage rotting in the fridge!  

I am really excited about The Veggie Chef’s services because about 9 years back I wanted to do the same sort of thing.  But alas, it wasn’t in the stars for me. Another inspirational food endeavor on the web is Alachua’s Govinda’s Dinners to Go. Talk about gourmet food! One of the cooks and organizers of this upscale takeout is Mukhya Dasi, who ran the restaurant in Detroit’s Fisher Mansion and, more recently, owned Mim’s in Sarasota. I ate there once ten years back and have to say, it transcended the strip mall experience strict vegetarians are often relegated to.

I am writing this post on Sunday, but as you are reading it, we are probably at Govinda’s Dinners to Go enjoying the kofta and kachoris slated for the Monday nite menu. Who knows–if we were buying a house in Austin, maybe we would have hired Cristina to cook for us while our kitchen was in transition.


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  1. Veggie Bytes

    Thanks for the oh so kind comments, Sabjimata!When in Austin, you’re welcome to partake in super special food in Chef Veggie’s happy home.

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