What This Blog Needs More Of: Cows!

Here is a picture of the protected cows at Gita Nagari Farm. These cows never have to worry about being slaughtered. They, along with about 15 other cows, will live out their natural life grazing on organic pasture while getting lots of love and kisses.

These cows, named Paurnamasi, Salauni and Kishori, were purchased from a Seven Stars Farm Dairy. You know, the organic yogurt company. Well, Salauni and Kishori were bought but Paurnamasi (along with Premanjana who is not pictured) were gestating, unbenounced to anyone, inside their mamas.

It was discovered that the girls were pregnant when their milk production started dropping. Now they give a lot of milk, rich and yellow–full of cream. At least Salauni does. Kishori is a little more stubborn.

And for anyone out there who thinks that calves naturally stop nursing and that grown mammals don’t need to drink milk…well these two former calves still like to suck, drinking as much milk as they can get in their tummies.

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