Hot Hungarians!

This past week I was busy making Bengali Chili Pickle. I was determined to get a few cases made before our move, even though the timing was absolutely terrible. But it was such a great seller last year, that I could not let the opportunity pass me by. Every nite I stayed up into the early morning to prep, pickle and can these babies. Because I had a difficult time getting a hold of mustard oil this year–they don’t exactly sell it at the local corner store around here–this year’s chili pickle does not have as strong a mustard oil taste as last year’s. Depending on the tastes of your tongue, this may or may not be welcomed news to you.

Here are some pictures from my fun with hot Hungarian wax peppers. Unfortunately, the picture of the final product is still on my camera, which is 2 miles away at my house. But as you can see from the pictures, these are good looking peppers. I am sure you can use your imagination to envision what a good looking pickle they make.

This is not a peck of pickled peppers…but a bushel of peppers awaiting pickling.

Gloves? Check!

Slightly dehydrating the peppers in the oven–instead of blanching them–before canning.

Chop Chop!


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