(Almost) Vegan Lunchbox

Because my husband worked in Baltimore, which is 2 and a half hours away, he would be gone for a three day stretch at a time. Always the dutiful wife, I would pack him 3 days worth of home cooked vegetarian meals so that he wouldn’t have to buy crap at the hospital cafeteria. Thankfully when we move he will be working only 20 minutes from home and will be able to  take the previous day’s leftovers. 

I decided to photograph the last work meal I cooked for him for a blog homage to the entire ridiculousness of his work situation.  For his last meals, I packed him an almost vegan lunchbox–which wasn’t intentional; I just cooked what we had in the fridge.  The cookies were made with butter but everything else was dairy free.
The lunchbox included a green salad, a summer pasta salad (made with vegetables offered for free from a box with a sign “free vegetables” on the side of the road), chapatis, spinach with tofu, cauliflower pickle and peanut butter cookies.

The summer pasta salad was exceptionally good.   All of the vegetables in the dish (minus the tomato) were pan seared, including the baby beets which added not only a great color but subtle sweetness to the dish.  
This was our last real meal from our home.  Now we are eating yogurt and cheese sandwiches made from store bought bread.  I am ready to be settled and set up in a kitchen again!  But we don’t close on our house until the 4th…

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  1. Karunadd

    See, I told you what a wonderful wife you are and your post confirms that 🙂 We are so happy you’ll be here- I want to buy Rose Petal Jam and the Peach Saffron (smooth) conserve Please. Hari Hari!

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