Cherry Vanilla Bean Conserve

I am happy to say that Cherry Vanilla Bean Conserve, along with Blueberry Vanilla Bean Conserve, is now on the shelf at the Sabjimata Store.

Both of these Conserves compete for the best jam I’ve ever tasted. They are only 20% sugar, which means big fruit content in every jar. And I’ve made them using Madagascar Bourban Vanilla Beans–which are absolutely the best vanilla beans out there. And I didn’t just put a pinch of vanilla in these low sugar jams. Each spoonful is vanilla specked and flecked to the max!


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One response to “Cherry Vanilla Bean Conserve

  1. Mandakini/Margaret

    Ack! I’ve just consumed 1/3 of jar of the cherry vanilla conserve I got today (with some port salut cheese, YUM!). It is soooo good and I’m hiding it in the cheese drawer of the refridgerator so Narada Muni doesn’t eat the rest. Mean mommy!I’m saving up for the next time the jam-mobile rolls through Hillsborough ;0) It was great to see you and your family!

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