Winding Down Our Pennsylvania Pastimes

This morning our ABF moving truck should arive around 8:30. I have been doing mad canning this week (more on what’s new in the upcoming days) and was up all last nite turning 2 bushels of chilis into pickle.

We are loading the truck ourselves (hopefully with a little help from some able bodied young men). I went online and found some tips for loading a moving truck. The number one thing to load is the appliances. We are taking a washer, dryer, range, chest freezer and 2 fridges with us.

The house we are buying has an upstairs apartment which I want to turn into a certified commercial jam kitchen and office for Sabjimata. So between our appliances and what is already in the house and apartment, we will have 3 ranges and 4 refrigerators. Dreams really do come true!

Our weekend will surely be busy. There is still a lot of packing to do, jam orders to fill and oh, I forgot to mention…we are having eleven house guests–6 of which are kids–3 of those are triplets. This weekend is the Ratha Yatra Festival at Gita Nagari Farm and friends from Detroit, NJ and Emmaus are coming on down to crash at our madhouse.

Tuesday our truck leaves for Florida and so will we! Since our closing isn’t until the 4th, we are taking our time getting there. We will be at the grandparents in DC for a few days and hopefully we will get to see some friends (and sell them some jam) while we are in our nation’s capital. Then down to Hillsborough, NC for a friend reunion. We should arrive in Alachua on Sunday, stay the nite in a motel and then off to the attorney’s office on Monday.

I don’t know when I will be making jam again. Yesterday I finished off the last of the peaches by making Peach Vanilla Bean Conserve. I have no idea when I will be in a kitchen again cooking…anything. When we get there we need to unpack, which is a major undertaking considering we will probably just end up throwing everything in random, unorganized boxes at the last minute. Not only are we moving kids with all their paraphenalia, but there is a lot of jam to get on the truck!

Thankfully, my kids will start their awesome pre-school on August 18th, the same day my husband starts work. My job will be shopping restaraunt supply stores for pricing on triple basin sinks and work counters, getting a floorplan drawn up and submitting it for approval. I am a little sketchy on whether I need a floor drain or not or if they will let the wood panelling slide (walls are supposed to be sheet rock). We shall see.

Aside from paperwork for the kitchen and becoming an L.L.C., I need to scope out the farmers markets and check out the Sunday Feast at the Hare Krishna Temple, where I hope to sell some jam and ready to eat stuff.

I will try to keep the posts coming from the road with some scheduled stuff and some fresh writing when time and internet access permits.

Love & Jam to All!!!


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