Let the Moving Begin!

The truck arrived a little late because we live in the middle of GPS nowheresville, but it arrived nonetheless.  Krishangari and Gaura, veteran movers, came over to help us load the truck.  Actually, they handled all the big stuff (expertly, mind you) and will be back Sunday to finish up what they started.  The kids were stoked on the whole dismantling of the house, which began early in the morning with my husband disassembling the dining room table.  And me?  I was in the kitchen pressure canning chili pickle until the very end.

Our last supper. Actually, lunch.  I only had one pan left for cooking–everything else was packed. I had to make the rice in a jar in the microwave. Yes, we do own a microwave. I know.

Thank goodness for Nang & Gaur, who moved our 5 piece rosewood bedroom set as if it were made of particle board.  No problem for these 2 muscle-men.

The removal of my stove came with a sigh of relief from me.  Too much time in the kitchen lately.  (Notice the jars of chili pickle cooling on  the counter at the right.  I was canning until the very end…thank goodness I did not buy that extra bushel of chilis….

“Don’t forget our swingset!”  Through the kitchen window we spied the kids loading their cedar swingset onto the truck.


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