Meet the Farmer

I have been going by Brummer’s Happy Breeze Farm pretty frequently, checking in on the tomatoes, hot peppers and cauliflower. On this day I finally got some cauliflower—the last picking until the next harvest two weeks from now—when we will have already gone to Florida.

Megs Brummer is the matriarch of this family owned and run farm. The Brummers are transplants from Long Island, where the family farmed previously. Megs & Ed’s grandson, who is only seven, loves working all day long in the field with the men. When there is a snow day at school, the boy is eager to get out there and shovel.
With three generations out in the field, and a diversified harvest of veggies, apples, cut flowers and mums, the Brummers are doing all right, despite the rising cost of farming. But with all the hard work this family puts into their farm, it would be nice for them to do better than all right.

Living in a rural area, I see how hard the vegetable and dairy farmers have to work. The money they receive for their produce and milk barely reflects the price we pay for these items when we shop at the supermarket. The quality is much higher when you purchase direct from the farm. Despite the lower cost and higher quality, most people in this rural area purchase their food from the supermarket or Walmart.

People are accustomed to getting whatever produce they want whenever they want at whatever time of year they want it. Walmart is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Brummer’s closes at 6 and is only open Monday through Saturday. Sure, they don’ t have any more cauliflower and are a little heavy on zucchini right now, but I’m into eating fresh and local. Without farmers like the Brummers, this area would only be soy and corn—with signs up in the fields advertising which bio-engineered seeds the crop was grown from. What they are growing is mostly animal feed. Keep the human food in Juniata County….eat local!


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