It’s a Rural Route Box, Not a P.O. Box (Damnit!!!)

Now this is frustrating. I am really working against the clock here and any delays are felt with a multiplied effect.

A few week ago I ordered my super-long Madagascar bourban vanilla beans. You know, the good stuff. Well, I patiently awaited their arrival. All the other online purchases I made came rolling up to my house on the UPS truck. But no vanilla beans. I went online, got the number of the place I ordered from, waited for the left coast to wake up (the place is in L.A.) and then found out the problem.

They thought my address was a P.O. Box. NO! It is a RR Box…meaning Rural Route. I live in the country and have no street address. But I do have a mailbox. See! Here it is.

Thankfully the man on the phone believed me and I didn’t have to email him a photo of the mailbox. But due to “low profit margin,” he wasn’t agreeable to expediting the shipping so the beans would get here, like, last week. Because his prices were so good, I couldn’t say, “Well, that’s the last time I’m ordering from you!”. He was nice about the whole thing and apologized and got the beans out that day.

This was Monday. They arrived Friday. I think it would have been quicker if he sent it USPS, but whatever.

When I took the beans out to look at them I was amazed. Not only were they so fragrant they smelled artificial, they were moist and gummy and reminded me of chocolate Twizzlers. The Vanilla Beans I used last year were purchased from the health food store in Newport and were dry on the outside. These you could probably stick to the wall!

I am pretty excited about these vanilla beans. Right now I am scheduling my posts because I am so busy getting ready for the upcoming move. As you are reading this, I am probably in the kitchen making Vanilla Bean Cherry Conserve, Vanilla Bean Peach Conserve and Vanilla Bean Blueberry Conserve so do check in on the Sabjimata Store from time to time to see if these yummies are ready.

Now I will have the second most expensive spice in the world in my jams, alongside Expensive Spice #1 and Expensive Spice #3. I’m telling you, Sabjimata is a classsy jam.


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