Shelf Life

Recently someone inquired about the shelf life of my jam. She wanted to buy 14 jars as Christmas gifts (this person is very, very organized…obviously…since it is only July!) and wanted to make sure they would make it to December 25th.

You bet! The jars of stuff are good up to two years from the date they were sealed and processed. To see when your jars were filled, check out the batch number, which is on the back label.

The batch number looks something like this:

That means the jam was made on 06/29/2008 and was part of batch #3.

Sometimes instead of a batch number there is a letter. That would look like this:

05/22/2008 would be the date the stuff was made and sealed in jars and D would be the batch it was a part of.

Englightening, isn’t it?

So if the product was produced in May of ’08, you basically have until May of 2010 to eat it. “For best results,” as is often said in the food biz, using within one year of production is not a bad idea.

And as long as the button on the lid has not popped, things are probably in good shape. This gives an unofficial shelf life of eternity. Well, eternity until the button pops.

In that case, you should discard the jar in the recycle bin (after washing it out first).


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