"I Want to Give a Shout Out to…"

You! Are you doing something crafty? Organic-y? Local-y (not to be confused with “locally”)?

I want to plug you!

Seriously, I am really happy you come to my blog, inflating my daily hits and google-ability. I want to reciprocate. No, not with free jam! Didn’t you read this last nite’s post?

If you are an organic farmer from British Columbia or an award winning poet from Jackson, NJ or an environmental nazi from Harrisburg, PA, send me an email (sabjimata@gmail.com). I want the world to know how awesome you really are!

Tell me about what you are doing and give me a link to your site. I happily will advertise you for free.

See, I am a good friend!



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2 responses to “"I Want to Give a Shout Out to…"

  1. DailySAHM

    I think I may be that environmental nazi from Harrisburg…

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    if the 100% organic recycled biodegradable armband fits… 😉hey, someone’s gotta give a damn!!!

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