Devadeva Mirel, Food Stylist

I feel I have come a long way on my food photos for this blog. And gosh darnit, I better have since I’ve been working hard at it!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, prior to the jam biz, I was not really tuned in to the way the world was packaged and presented. When I started this blog, I knew my pictures weren’t saliva inducing, but you have to start somewhere. Since really making jam my life (God, that’s pathetic), I’ve dedicated myself to studying food magazines and blogs, which is a big gross out for me since most of the (good) photos are of pig butt on a plate.

A big purchase from Sur la Table qualified me for a free subscription to Bon Appetit Magazine (even though I later returned everything I bought that day). Every month I study the magzine’s photos to see how they present the images of food. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1) WHITE WHITE WHITE! Most food pics in Bon Appetit are featured on white dinnerware, against a white background with very white lighting.

2) MESSY FOOD! The plates of food are stylized, but in a very deliberatley messy kind of way. Smudges of grease, bite marks and crumbs abound. You can just imagine someone getting up from the table with stains on their shirt.

3) SHADOWS ARE OKAY! There are a lot of shadows in the pictures. Apparently, that is okay.

4) BE PERPENDICULAR! Much of the blog food porn out there is from a horizontal perspective. On many pages, Bon Appetit gets verticle by shooting perpendicular to the plate.

5) WEATHERED BACKGROUNDS! While the food is featured on $60 plates, those plates often sit upon tables which look like they were made from driftwood, giving a casual, old money feel to the picture (I guess).

If any other food bloggers out there want to share their own tips culled from their own experiences and observations, please post in the comments section. I’m looking forward to improving!


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