Paul Mirel, Nasa Engineer, holding the newly rebuilt fridge switch

Fourth of July weekend, my brother-in-law, Paul, came to visit. He builds stuff for NASA and while he was able to take apart and rebuild the switch for our refrigerator light which was on the blink, he was unsuccessful at taking apart and fixing the Canon Powershot. Correction: he very expertly dismantled the thing. Putting it back together was more of a challenge.

Poor camera!

But being the really unpredictable guy that he is, he went online on Sunday morning and ordered us a new Canon. It arrived Tuesday. Thanks, Paul!

While my husband showed Paul all the stuff that needed doing around the house (including switching out our $300 range hood for a much, much….much cheaper model), I was in the kitchen cooking what seemed like endless amounts of really heavy food. Paul is what we call a non-vegetarian–and what most people would call a carnivore. But he managed to eat purely vegetarian food all weekend and feel satiated doing so. Ahhh, victory!

I didn’t have any ghee in the house, which really aids in the tasty and satisfying factors. So instead, I cooked “ghee style.” Making sure to coat the bottom of the pan in a full layer of olive oil, food was only pan fried. Then, before serving, a half stick of butter was added to everything. This, my friends, is “ghee style” and will surely leave them licking their lips and sliding off their chairs!

I can’t even remember everything I cooked but I do know the potato was heavily featured on the menu. Paul does not care much for gluten or tofu and does not, I repeat, does not eat cheese. So the potato was a versatile substance substitute for most everything else I like to cook with. That and the fact that I did not food shop in preparation for his visit since life has just been so hectic around here.

What I do remember is that we had hash browns, homemade ketchup, potato parathas, chapatis, potato/chickpea sabji, rice, salad, gluten in peanut sauce (Paul sat that one out), calzone, cookies, cabbage sabji, asparagus pickle and fresh cucumber pickles.

Basically, as fast as I could cook the people in my house could eat. I think we did other stuff, but I am kind of in a post-“ghee style”-induced stupor. Oh! I know. Fireworks. Paul treated our family to a trunk load of explosives, which the kids really enjoyed, despite my daughter’s begging “can we go in the house now” because she was freaked out by the big ones.

We were happy Paul was able to visit before we moved on from our happy homestead. Only three more weeks until we head south for Alachua!

I took lots of pictures. Mostly of food. It was that kind of weekend.

stuffed potato (aloo) paratha

My happy family eating gluten in peanut sauce.  I had no fresh ginger root in 
the house so I used ginger jam.  Convenient!


Potato and chickpea sabji flavored with our rehabbed curry plant left 
the house smelling good all day long!


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  1. Veggie Bytes

    MMMMMM..PPPs (Puffy Potato Parathas).My carb-laden dreams have some true!

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