Clean as a Whistle

Tuesday, after a morning of errands, we came back to the house. My kids were occupied. I had a choice. Clean my house or work on my blog. I chose the blog. Oh, the tomfoolery.

I heard a knock on my door. Actually, it sounded more like a crashing metal garbage can, but nevermind that. It was my realtor, Jay Whister. It was twenty after five. Jay was there to inform me that there was a couple from New York that wanted to see the house at 6:00.

Oh, the tomfoolery.

I started busting my butt to get the place cleaned up. Most of the groceries were still on the dining room table. As I broke out into a heavy sweat (after all, it was 90 degrees out), I began to wonder why things tend to work out this way. I asked Jay if he could stay and help out, but he could only stay a few minutes because he had a religious meeting to attend. Jay is a Jehovah’s Witness and they meet about four times a week to discuss the bible. That’s one way to stay out of trouble.

I, on the other hand, would have been in the clear if I just started cleaning when I got home instead of blogging. That, of course, is all I could think about as I scrubbed my jam pots and paraphenalia. In fourty minutes I got a sink full of pots done, washed the kids dishes from the day, swept and mopped and actually cleared off all my countertops by stashing my jam stuff in cabinets which were mostly cleared out from packing.

Pot from raspberry jam left soaking in the sink.

Counter space!!!!

It was amazing how quickly I got things done! When 6 o’clock came I scooped up my kids and took them to the Spruce Hill Lunch, our local vegetarian diner. After an hour we headed back home, no trace of anyone having been through the house except for the realtor’s card on my countertop.

Funny how everytime there is a showing my husband is never home and I am left to do mad cleaning all by my lonesome. Funny how everytime there is a showing, no one ever wants to buy our house. I don’t really get it. There are pears and quince and crabapples on the trees. Lillies, echinacea, roses, black eyed susans, trumpet vine and a whole bunch of other stuff which I don’t know the names of in bloom. Blackberries, mulberries and gooseberries are all ripe on the bushes. And my kitchen is very well designed…by yours truly! If I were looking to live in Juniata County, I would surely buy this house! There isn’t another house I would want. This is a great house.

Errrrr. These real estate showings really annoy me. Annoy me that is, until someone puts a bid in.


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