Making Black Raspberry Jam

Sabjimata Black Raspberry Jam

Raspberries & Butterfly Weed…Now that’s love!

My husband is sweeter than rock candy. Not every husband would spend days picking raspberries for his wife, knowing that once she got her hands on them he wouldn’t be able to lay claim to a single one. In addition to picking buckets of berries, he also brought me some butterfly weed–a favorite of mine. Awww!

Once the wee ones were asleep, I tiptoed down to the kitchen. Let the berry smooshing begin!

The jam turned out great. Thick and dark with a full whiff of raspberries when you open the jar. This jam is mostly seedless and tastes better than black raspberries right off the bush, if I do say so myself. Which I just did.

My low tech method of making the jam virtually seedless.

The seedy waste.


And look at that! I’m wearing my own Human Made Sabjimata logo apron. Fun fun fun! I have two of these samplers, which didn’t quite go as expected with the printing. The screen was made before the apron arrived and the print went over the seam–which doesn’t look so good. So, of course, Daily Screenprinting did not charge me for the messed up ones. Everyone should use Daily Screenprinting. Daily Screenprinting is the best!!! New ones are coming soon, though, with a sized down logo! Woo-hoo.

Anyway, I love the messed up ones and designated one for the kitchen and one for wearing when (and if) I set up at the farmer’s market in Gainesville. I tend to have an affinity for messed up things. I like sweaters with holes in them and kids with stains on them(not really…I just don’t have a choice but to love them). So these botched aprons are just my style. And with fully adjustable straps, they are just my size, too!

And with fully adjustable straps, they are just your size, too! Thought I would give the aprons an early plug.


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