Waiting for Mustard Oil

Pickle season is here! The chilis are in by the bushel and now I am just trying to wrangle me some mustard oil. A friend is supposed to bring six bottles from Harribsurg this weekend and I am psyched! Of course, our move date is getting nearere by the day but all I can think about is Sabjimata Sabjimata Sabjimata.

The Bengali-style chili pickle I made last year was a huge success and I know people are waiting for me to make more. Well, I’m working on it.

And this year I have latex gloves to wear while handling my chilis. Last year after carefully cutting a bushel of chilis with my bare hands (coated in oil, as recommended) my hands were ON FIRE! It was awful.

I went online to try to find a remedy. I soaked my hands in yogurt. Washed them in milk. Ran them under cold water for 45 minutes. Put sour cream in two socks and wore it as mitts. The only way I could get any sleep was by trying two frozen blocks of tofu to the palms of my hands. The heat lasted a full 24 hours. It felt like I dipped my hands in hell!

My sweet husband then purchases a box of latex gloves for me. I thought about doing that beforehand, but the gloves seemed kind of costly to me. But there you have it. A miser pays twice. Or in this case, burns the crap out of her hands.



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2 responses to “Waiting for Mustard Oil

  1. Madhava Gosh

    LOL about the hot hands from pepper cutting. Been there, done that, and did it with my daughters who still have vivid, accusatory, memories of it.At least you avoided one pitfall. Imagine this scenario: you are a male. You are in a field far far away from the house, picking a few hot peppers, not enough to penetrate the callouses and make the hands hot. Having hydrated properly before going out into the sun, a full bladder ensues. A bush seems to beckon for some moisture so, without washing your hands, you slip behind it and do your business.As this is a family blog, I won’t go into greater detail than that. 🙂

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    oh my. oh my oh my!

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