Every Day Just Jam

I am trying to commit myself to making at least a case of jam every day. Our life is a mad house right now. Jam, moving, kids. It never seems to end. There is always an excuse to look at my fruit and my jars and say, “Not tonite, dear, I’ve got a headache.” Or a pile of laundry that needs to be folded. But I am finding that if I really take this jam endeavor seriously, so will other people.

Right now I am averaging 3 orders a week, which in the larger business scope of things is not really that much, but for me it is great. After all, this business was started not even one year ago by emailing the link to a rough one page blog to friends and family. Now my blog is getting 50-80 hits a day and I am regularly stopping by the post office to ship out jam.

I am working on building my stock but am happy to empty the case boxes as jars get ordered. Since I only use fresh, seasonl fruit, once it is gone it is gone. Rose Petal Jam, which I made 4 cases of (48 jars) is now down to two cases. It is a really hot seller and because of that, I am eager to get into our new house and start planting rose bushes.

If anyone in Alachua County happens across this blog, please know I am very interested in sourcing organic rose petals, figs and/or any other local, unusual fruits to turn into yummies. Often people have huge fruit trees in their yards, enjoy some fresh pickings and then let the rest go to the birds (and the worms). Well, let me tell you, I can definitley help take some excess fruit off your hands!

Mid-summer really is the height of jam season. What a terrible time for a jam maker to relocate! I am interested to see how quickly I will get back into the jam scheme of things once we move. There is unpacking, settling in, trying to get our bearings on where the heck we are and then, of course, there are there kids. They will be home a few weeks before school begins.

We hope to get them into swimming lessons in Gainesville and my son would really like to join a soccer team. Our lives are about to accelerate into the full suburban family experience. Even now we are moving in that direction. We just took our kids to the pool for the very first time. Venumadhava is almost five and he never went swimming. But I think we got him there just in time before he could accuse us of being horribly wacky parents. But I see that I need to stick with this commitment to get into the kitchen daily (or nightly) and cook up some jam. The fate of my inventory depends on it.


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