This Really Bothers Me

I am into using what nature provides. I have been mildly bummed that I won’t be here for our grape harvest. However, I am even more bummed that this terrific idea came to me so late in the season: canning grape leaves!

I found a very informative site about picking, preparing, storing and canning grape leaves. Do you know how awesome that would have been? But my leaves are too sun-exposed and big this far into the summer. There are some young leaves, but the quantity isn’t there for canning and selling. The ones on the vine now, while great for shielding the juicy grapes from the sun, would be too tough for eating. Believe me, I tried.

But for anyone out there with a grapevine in your yard, check out that site. And I know there is a recipe for vegetarian dolmas in Kurma’s first book, Great Vegetarian Dishes. While it may be too late this year, there is, alas, always next year. That is, for those of you not moving away from your grapevines (wince).


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