I Just Realized…

I never showed you the original Sabjimata label design. Well, take a gander. It was going to be a 2″ diameter round label. Here is the front and the back.

A really good thing about keeping a business blog is that by sharing my troubles, I get a lot of free advice. Like most unsolicited advice, it is wonderful when it turns out to be a total bullseye, fixing whatever problem was in the works. But there comes a time when I have moved on, but the advice keeps coming in.

That is why I need to share this with each and every one of you.

First, let me say “thank you” to everyone who has given me suggestions about my label printing problems. You are definitely all part of the solution. Even if I didn’t use your idea, it is very helpful to see the range of options out there as well as brainstorm alongside of you. And it also feels good to know you are rooting for me.

Second, let me say that I feel I have achieved closure with the label issue. I like my homemade design and have gotten positive feedback from customers about it. Although I already had to change my printer ink cartridge, I like printing my own labels. If I decide to make just 15 jars of something, I can do it without ordering at one or five hundred labels.

I like having control of the situation, even if the only situation I have control over in my life is what jam flavor I am printing out this time. I feel the choice to self print has afforded me the flexibility to make small batches of jam, thus increasing the variety of my product line. Also, considering I am moving from Pennsylvania to Florida, where the fruit selection will differ (farewell, my tart and astringent crabapple), I wouldn’t really need many of the labels I am using now.

As I mentioned earlier, the laser printer labels smudge. I went through a label peeling fit after discovering this, but then was too busy to follow through and de-label all the jars. Thank goodness for that! I purchased the laser printer (which, since I have a Mac, was more money than the average cheap laser printer) but decided not to unpack it until after we move. And because orders are coming in and I need jars with labels, the laser printed labels will have to do for now. And I am okay with that.

I know some of you probably have really good advice for me. Some may know some kind of spray I could apply to the labels so that they don’t smudge. Or you may even have tips about where to get labels printed by the tens instead of by the hundreds.

Thank you so much! But don’t worry about it, okay? I’m good the way things are now. And I feel they will only get better. And they better because that Mac compatable laser printer, despite being the cheapest, was pretty expensive! So please, comments to yourself. That is, until my next crisis when I know I will really need you again.

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