Pucker Up!

Sweet & Sour Cherry Conserve has made its way onto the Sabjimata Store’s shelves.

Hand pitting 3 gallons of cherries was not as bad as I thought it would be. Who needs a cherry pitter when you have opposing thumbs?



Whole sour cherries, cooked in a sweet cherry puree, tartly burst in the mouth. The taste is complex and refreshing, with just the right amount of sweetness to balance the pucker (relax, it’s an ever so mild pucker).



Because Sweet & Sour Cherry Conserve is not too sweet nor too sour, it goes wonderfully just about anywhere you would put your favorite cherry jam–be it on top of toast, cheesecake or rice pudding. And like many other Sabjimata products, Sweet & Sour Cherry Conserve also tastes great eaten straight from the jar. Lower in sugar than a traditional jam, and packed full of fruit, Sweet & Sour Cherry Conserve is a fat free, wheat free, peanut free, gluten free, meat free alternative to fat, wheat, peanuts, gluten and meat.* Of course it is! It’s jam. But a conserve.

My husband commented that the Sweet & Sour Cherry Conserve is addictive, as are most sweet and sour foods. Personally, I like that the sweet base is blended while the sour cherries remain whole. Sheer genius, if i do say so myself. Not only are there a mix of tastes but also textures. The acidity of the sour cherries creates a much thicker jam, making Sweet & Sour Cherry Conserve perfect for baked fillings. I can almost gaurantee it will not volcano-ize in your oven, oozing forth from whatever pastry is supposed to be hedging it in.
Honestly, I am just so happy I had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful fruit! When I was pregnant with my son, the two foods I craved were apples and cherries. I still don’t understand why I craved the humble, vitamin bereft apple, but cherries! That’s rich man’s fruit. Full of vitamins, texture, color and taste, I’m glad I don’t have to again go through the commitment of child-raising in order to enjoy the fruits of my labor.



*Sorry. I really like making jam. I even really like keeping this blog. But let me tell you, it is very difficult to try to write about jam over and over (and over and over and over…) again while trying to make it sound new and fresh. It’s jam! And while it is true that different fruits behave differently in the pot, as well as taste differently on the tongue, they pretty much look the same in the jars. Especially the red ones. You may also notice me getting a little experimental with the mise en scene of my pictures. Hey, I’m just trying to keep things interesting for you. And me!

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