Yes, I is an English Major

Despite graduating with honors from Temple University with a B.A. in English, this blog is plagued by grammatical errors. Mostly they are of the homonym variety. Past instead of passed. There instead of their. My husband just pointed this out to me. However, I already knew these errors existed and just hoped no one else noticed.

So this is my disclaimer. I don’t have time to edit. After nursing two really nursey kids, I don’t have many brain cells left. Whatever I lack in English language skills, I try to make up for with my kitchen effort.

I know the cardinal rule of writing (and blogging!) is edit, edit edit. But come on. It’s just a blog. And not a blog about world events but about jam! Although the posts hover forever in some cyber cloud above the earth, I still see it as ephemeral content. Today’s posting is yesterday’s news come tomorrow.

But out of respect to you, Dear Reader, I shall do my best to correct my errors once they are discovered. My only request is that you do not work too hard to discover them. Because honestly, instead of editing, I’d rather be making jam.


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One response to “Yes, I is an English Major

  1. helen reiss

    Deva, you are too funny. Nursing rules!!! The ultimate human-made food. Not even human made, but merely human-channeled…??? Anyway, I was just enjoying your blog and thought I would post a comment. Good luck with moving, and keep jammin’ until the break of dawn… jammin’… I wanna jam it with you… we’re jammin’… I hope you like jammin’ too. Something tells me Max has already thought of this one, like, a thousand times, but hey. Lots and lots of love, Helen

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