If You Google it They Will Come

Recently I started keeping track of the google searches performed by people who ended up at my blog. It’s not as big brother as it sounds. Sitemeter allows me to keep track of how many visitors I have a day as well as how they found my blog. When visitors make their way to my pages via a google search, I can then click to see what exactly they were searching for. Rarely are they actually looking for me, but hopefully, once they found me, they have fun at my site.

Here are some of the more recent google searches which have landed people at planet Sabjimata. Basically, it is pretty predictable–seekers of flower jam recipes and prospective picklers of asparagus looking for some tips. June Taylor’s been a real ally in getting me hits. My favorites are definitley #21, which came all the way from the U.K., and #35, which I simply can’t figure out. My disappointment must pale in comparison to theirs since I am sure they had to sojourn on, beyond the Sabimata pages, in order to seek out their required information. Hopefully #34 came away satiated. And #5, #8 and #22 surely had no where else to go! And #65…I’m just now coming!

1) beach plums
2) how to make khandvi
3) pickling asparagus
4) june taylor jams how to
5) sabjimata
6) how to make rose petal jelly
7) june taylor
8) sabjimata jams
9) asparagus pickle
10) lilac jam recipe
11) where can i buy gooseberries
12) chickasaw plum
13) robert festino
14) waldorf doll, san francisco
15) june taylor jam
16) khandvi recipe
17) rose petal jam
18) flower jelly
19) labels i can print out at home for strawberry jam
20) peony blossom jam recipe
21) dinner customary for hindu
22) devadeva dasi
23) rose petal jelly
24) violet jam
25) best peach jam
26) june taylor jams how to
27) how to make khandvi
28) pickling asparagus
29) beach plums
30) organic rose petals
31) erin englebrecht
32) spelt chapati recipe
33) edible flowers
34) organic strawberry jam best
35) flower makingrose-organdy cloth
36) gluten recipe
37) strawberry picking in pa state college
38) how to pickle asaparagus
39) rose petals jam to buy
40) buy rose petal jam
41) elizabeth post mirel’s 1973 book “plum crazy”
42) bernard goetz
43) how cornflakes are made
44) strawberries u pick pa
45) rose petal jam ayurveda
46) human made jam
47) plum jam june taylor
48) “lambs quarter” & “use”
49) you pick farms alachua county
50) rose petal jelly for sale
51) halava
52) where to buy flower petals to cook with
53) best strawberry for jam
54) meditation martinsburg wv
55) additive to make u eat
56) gluten free chapatis
57) where to buy gooseberries
58) ekadashi canola oil
59) mulberry season lasts
60) i am making mulberry jam
61) gluten free buckwheat muffin
62) mulberry jam
63) mulberry syrup recipe
64) pennsylvania organic buttermilk
65) things that are made in florida that you can eat that are only made here

If I could add any “key words” to the list, I would definitely put my pre-Hare Krishna name out there for anyone from back in the day who wants to find me. DANA BIALOW. Now I exist, in my pre 1997 nomenclature, for all to google. What else would make a good key word search to get people looking at my blog?

1) home made jam
2) the perfect gift
3) what to get for christmas
4) mail order jam
5) artisinal jam
6) vegan jam
7) karma yoga
8) on sale
9) free
10) food porn


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