My Gift Horse

Unfortunately, my camera broke Tuesday after being dropped accidentally one too many times. I really liked my little Cannon PowerShot, which was a hand me down from my mother-in-law. Fortunately, my mother-in-law was sick of her camera, a Pentax, and decided to get herself a new one. She generously gifted me her Pentax. Unfortunately, the Pentax is slow to capture an image. Fortunately, it is really great at close-ups, which is what I do a lot of when taking pictures of food. Unfortunately, it will be really bad at taking pictures of my kids, because they tend to move around a lot and I need a quick camera to outpace them. Fortunately, I am around my kids pretty much all of the time and am by nature unsentimental so I do not feel an overpowering urge to document their every cuteness. Unfortunately, the Pentax is a bit of a pain for uploading photos onto my MacBook because if I don’t officially “Eject” it, an annoying folder is temporarily left on my desktop. Fortunately, the folder seems to go away once I shut off the computer. Unfortunately, I am whining about a free camera I just got. Fortunately, I realize my short comings, feel grateful about the free camera and am going to go give my mother-in-law a thank you call.

Close-up of blackberries taken with the Pentax.

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