Curry Plant Resurrection

Our curry plant was doing splendidly until about a month or so ago. It became yellow and withered like it was the dead of winter instead of the top of spring. My husband decided to cut back our Curry Devi (one must be affectionate to one’s plants!). All the way back! I started calling her Stumpy.

I was a little curious what would happen. That is, until I read Kurma’s post on the delicate, tempermental curry plant. Who knew she was such a diva! I became worried—no, angst ridden– about the fate of our curry plant. I approached my husband with the information from Kurma’s posting as well as an attitude that implied he was a curry plant killer. I mourned the future of my cooking. My husband began to look a little nervous.

But a few days later he looked pretty darn pleased with himself. “Look,” he said, pointing to the green buds polka dotting Stumpy. Amazed at the sight of curry stubble, I told my husband, “We’ll see.” Despite all indications that Curry Devi’s vital signs were in check, I still was skeptical. Could my husband reallyresurrect a plant back from near death?

Well, here is a picture of her with green, young leaves. She looks better than ever, rejuvenated and with a full skirt of bottom foliage. The overpicked, geriatric look of her past life has given way to a brand new, ever fresh and youthful Curry Devi.

My husband, however, wants me to post some sort of disclaimer. You know, like “don’t try this at home.” I think Kurma’s post really scared the bejeezus out of him and he doesn’t want to lead anyone astray into the world of senseless plant murder. He wants me to point out that our curry plant was very healthy until a month or so of her yellowing. We had her for years, actually, and she has never been ill. It was spring, so the weather was warm, which may have aided her recovery from having a good foot and a half of her body amputated.

I don’t think my husband will be trying any plant surgery again anytime soon. We are just grateful to the powers that be that our Curry Devi pulled through this one, allowing us many more flavorful sabjis to come.


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