Slammin’ Kudos

My very discerning friend, Lynn Eva Barber (Lavanga), recently ordered a jar of Strawberry Conserve. As with each order I ship out, I hold my breath and cross my fingers, hoping that the customer will not only appreciate the taste of my products but also appreciate the overall concept of human made food: the time, the effort and the ingredients which go into every jar.

So when Lynn sent me the following email, I finally was able to exhale knowing that my jam passed the test of her tastebuds. Here is a copy of her words of praise, along with her delicious looking crepes displayed on melamine servingware. See? Sabjimata jam fits in with the modern lifestyle aesthetic.

I am also relieved that my packaging can withstand the abuse of the US Postal Service, who obviously doesn’t give a damn about broken glass and jam not mixing well together.

Your jam arrived safely on Saturday despite the fact that the mail carrier threw (yes, threw it–KP saw her) onto the porch! Hello!?! It was marked fragile!

Anywho! The conserve is slammin’. It’s sweet, but has a nice tart finishing note. It would be perfect on cheesecake. Too lazy to make cheesecake though, I did fill some crepes with it on Sunday and it was excellent. Tasted like I had just made it for the crepes. Very fresh. Kudos! Nitai Gauramani enjoyed themselves. I took a pic of the offering for you. 🙂



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