Because I Love My Friends…And Apparently I Do Take Requests…

If you’ve seen one jar of red colored jam you’ve seen them all. Or so you thought.  *Sabjimata Strawberry Jam*

Strawberry Conserve has been well received by the jam eating public, however, my friend Kishori wanted to know if I was going to be doing a regular, good old strawberry jam. You know, the kind with lots of sugar.

Well, I wasn’t planning on it. But after stumbling upon the absolute very last of the local strawberries, I decided to give it a go. After all, I don’t mind playing to a crowd and between Kishori, her husband, five year old son and triplets, I’ve got a ready made clientele.

Countryside Market, in Mifflintown, is an excellent source of local, seasonal produce. I went there today to pick up some cherries but when I heard they still had strawberries, I bought them out. It being the very end of strawberry season, buying them out meant getting the last 3 gallons. Not much but not a problem. That is enough fruit to make about 3 cases of jam.

The differences between the Strawberry Jam and Strawberry Conserve are twofold. First off, the sugar content of the jam is higher than the conserve, although fruit still tops the list of ingredients (thus disqualifying it from being a true jam). The second difference is that the strawberries are blended in the conserve and sliced in the jam.

 “The Birth of Venus” as jam.

Just see how much fruit goes into one single jar!

Both taste, of course, really good! Okay, Kishori, I’m waiting for your order…


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