Mulberry Report

Due to the fact that we have a super large and fruitfull mulberry tree, I have actually been able to pick from the upper branches while my children pull at the lower branches. In the past week I have made a lite Mulberry Syrup as well as a Mulberry Conserve. Both are full of mulberry goodness!

When we are out picking mulberries I try to resist the urge to snack as much as possible. Like most bite size treats, once you start eating it is difficult to stop. And what makes mulberries so difficult to quit is the wonderfully healthy taste–like cancer cells are just being obliterated with every juicy mouthful.

Although I am no scientist, I am pretty darn certain that any fruit that dark must be full of anti-oxidants and other good stuff. While Lynda Resnick was able to elevate the pomegranate from exotic fruit ghetto to fountain of youth in a bottle, there are no millionares so invested in mulberries to promote the fruit’s rejuvenating qualities. But if my testimonial is worth anything, let me tell you, mulberries make you feel good!

Mulberry trees grow like weeds and are pretty much everywhere–be it country lanes or city streets. Their fruit can be white or dark purple, which tend to effortlessly stain your hands, mouth and clothes. We are now a the height of mulberry season. For every berry I pick from a branch, 10 fall to the ground. The growing season for mulberries is only a couple of weeks, so get your anti-oxidents worth while they are fresh on the tree. Picking berries with two little kids is an honest pain in the butt so I’ve only made a few cases of mulberry stuff. Be sure to get your Sabjimata while it is fresh in stock so you can relive your mulberry days once the snow (and mulberries!) have fallen.

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