What To Do With…Ginger Jam

We have started counting down for our move date which also means we have to clear out our cupboards and fridge. What to do with the half eaten jar of Ginger Jam I had hanging around? Well, take a look.

For dinner I made barbecued gluten kabobs because ‘tis the season. Alongside the kabobs are spanokopita—butter brushed phyllo triangles stuffed with ricotta and mashed broccoli. And to be eaten as a dip for the kabobs or spanokopita is a Middle-Eastern inspired mezze. After reading the Conscious Kitchen’s posting on the cookbook Spice, I had a bit of a craving for anything with tahini as an ingredient. However, I was out of tahini so I did the next best thing. I combined oven roasted eggplants, chickpeas, hing, lemon juice, salt and ginger jam in the blender. The result was unsurprisingly like a hummus/baba ghanouj cross– minus the sesame paste. It was very light and smooth.

After washing my blender, I filled it with whey, freshly picked lemon balm and the rest of the ginger jam to make a lightly sweetened, protein rich drink “good for digestion” (as is often said in India). The result was frothy and effervescent, which I found very refreshing on such a hot evening.

After successfully experimenting with the ginger jam in my cooking, I have to say I think it is a good idea. Talk about convenience. It can be used to add a little sweet heat to any dish in as much time as it takes to scoop out a tablespoon full and scrape it into a pot. No grater required.



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2 responses to “What To Do With…Ginger Jam

  1. Nityananda Chandra Das

    This blog should be banned, too delicious looking!! Especially on days like nirjal ekadasi;)

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    Awww..that is the sweetest comment considering I never met you and most of my other comments are left by friends whom i have paid off heavily with jam to say nice things!Sometimes my posts are “scheduled” like the nirjala ekadasi post…but I did make an effort to have a KC posting that day. I saved the pasties for break fast…Thanks for reading. You and your wife look like a darling couple. Hope I get to meet you both one day.

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