More of the Best Strawberry Jam. That is a Conserve.

Remember Sudevi, my wonderful Sales Associate who managed to sell-out of practically my entire original stock at the festival? Well, she and her son recently managed to pick gallons upon gallons of organic, red, ripe strawberries for me from the Hare Krishna farm.

In one day I cooked 8 cases of Strawberry Conserve, an accomplishment I owe largely to my husband who handled most of the childcare that day. Strawberry Conserve is proving itself very popular. Many orders are coming in for it so, even though there is no time for anything these days, we were able to make time for Strawberry Conserve.

And I was almost too late! These pickings were the last our regions strawberries. Brummers’ and the Amish farm finished up a week ago. I am really grateful to Sudevi for braving the sun and the heat (and the thorns and sticker bushes) to pick the strawberries. Actually, it was Sudevi’s family who originally inspired me to can. In the past years, she and her husband, Acharya, have grown most of their own food, canning their harvest for winter. They always inspire me with their intentional move toward self-sufficiency. And it looks like inspiration is a two way dirt road. When I stopped by her home the other day to thank her for picking, she pointed to the rose bushes and told me that although they never did anything with them, she was now thinking about it. It just so happened that I had a jar of Rose Petal Jam on me to give her, hopefully increasing her inspiration.

Red and Beautiful.

Cleaning the berries.

Strawberry jam produces a lot of foam. A good jam maker is not afraid to take a little off the top! Skimming is a must for a good looking jam.

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