Jar Run

Friday we drove to Lancaster to get my last pick-up of jars from Fillmore Containers. It was difficult getting in the car and driving an hour and a half after all the driving my husband does for work and I have been doing for the kids’ school. But my fridge is packed with strawberries Sudevi picked at the Hare Krishna farm and I am all out of jars.

Unfortunately, Fillmore was all out of my 9.5 ounce 12 sided jars that I’ve been using and they won’t be in until after the 4th of July. So I went with the hex jars of the same size. Visually, it will take a little getting used to but I don’t think it makes that much of a difference in the end.

Here are the jars getting loaded into the back of our car.

Afterwards we took the kids to Hands On House, the children’s museum in Lancaster. Going there after buying jars has become a family ritual. The kids love it and it has the cheapest admission price of any children’s museum I’ve seen. Ahh, the glories of central PA.

My Painted Lady at Hand’s On House

Venumadhava showing off his snake.

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