Human Made Waldorf Dolls: It’s a Good Thing!

My friend, the very talented Rohini Stalker has her own online store– Gopita’s Shop  –for all her handcrafted, Waldorf inspired lovies.

These dolls and other hand sewns are one of a kind creations which will surely make the recipient feel very special. My daughter is about to receive her first Waldorf doll in a few hours and I can’t wait to see the reaction on her face. Rohini, who is from Hungary, is a real artist and a meticulous craftsman. I am sure her dolls will delight you!

Here are some of my favorite items from her store:

Rohini is a stay at home mother of two children, Gopi Gita (gotta love the name!) and Bhima.A terrific mom, she is the kind of woman who decks her house out in handmade snowflakes and gingerbread men at Christmas time. She is known on three continents for her expertise in sewing and cooking.  Basically, she is the Hungarian Martha Stewart. I will surely miss her when I move, but at least I now have the link to her online store so I can see what crafty thing she up to next.  

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