Farewell Gardens



These are my gardens. When we move July 13, they will still be, technically, my gardens since no one has yet bought our house. However, I will probably not see my gardens again. We are moving far, far away from my gardens. As you can see, my gardens are awesome.

Just some of our roses…

Last spring and summer I was home all the time. Along with my kids, I constantly picked flowers. Tulips, roses, iris, peonies, black eyed susans, daisies, daffodils, whatever looked full, fresh and beautiful. Mostly we would bring them to the house of our dear most friends and neighbors, Radharani and Damodar. I have never seen anyone appreciate flowers more than this couple. They always were so grateful for whatever we brought over to their house. After bringing them cut flowers, the kids and I felt really happy and satisfied.

Unfortunately, this season we have been very busy. Too busy. The summer is passing by and we had not brought any beautiful blooms to our friends’ house, even though we know how happy it makes them. And us. So this weekend, even though we had more than a million things on our ‘to do’ list, I took a few minutes to grab a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with fresh cuttings. Venumadhava, who probably has the closest relationship with Radharani and Damodar out of all of us, helped a lot. He was eager to bring only the best flowers to them.

In the afternoon my husband and kids brought the flowers over to their house. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go over and see the flowers arranged in vases. But here is a shot of the pickings.

Flowers for Radharani and Damodar’s house.

In addition to my gardens, I will miss my sink. If anyone could love a sink, it is me. And if there was ever a sink to love, it would be this one.

Bye-bye baby quince! I will not see you next fall.

Itty-witty-bitty grapes will get big and plump in August.  We will be long gone by then.


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2 responses to “Farewell Gardens

  1. theysaywordscanbleed

    aww, that gorgeous garden is so hard to let go.arlene,< HREF="http://www.flowerstogoonline.com/Tacoma-Florist---Tacoma-Washington-Flower-Shop-pi-8.html" REL="nofollow">Tacoma flowers<>

  2. Devadeva Mirel

    i know…they are great gardens…and you have a great screen name! going now to check out your site.

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