The Antidote: Rose Petal Syrup

I am sitting in the Barnes & Noble Cafe, waiting for the time to pass until my children are dismissed from school. Because there are signs around asking that only Cafe patrons use the Cafe seating, I checked out the cold juices in the refrigerated case. The natural-looking juice selection is almost completely sweetened with Splenda. No thanks. And the natural sodas are all natural, but they have ingredients that seem unnatural for soda. Like potato starch.

Why, I ask. Why?

So, I am sitting in the Barnes & Noble Cafe drinkless (and thirsty). Being a chronic label reader has its drawbacks. There is no bliss when you are not ignorant of the fact that potato starch is floating around in your drink. And I think I am even more discerning of what drink I purchase because I just made the antidote to crappy soda: Rose Petal Syrup.

Added to your favorite bubble water, Rose Petal Syrup makes a great all natural Italian soda. The syrup is a light bodied sweetened, concentrated rose infusion. In addition to Italian soda, it graciously flavors yogurt shakes and milk shakes. Drizzle it over crushed ice for a summer treat or add an original touch to fruit salads. You can even use it to marinade your tofu before you throw it on the grill this summer. And like all other Sabjimata products, it looks great sitting on your shelf.


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