Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

Here is a photo of my postcards and business cards. If everything goes as hoped, the jars will be labeled this weekend.  After too many problems with printing, I decided to go ahead and take things into my own hands.  I was running into all kinds of trouble with the labels Isaac designed. Even though I liked them, I had to keep moving forward. Armed with a package of Avery mailing labels, my MacBook, cheap laser printer and Microsoft Word, I designed a label that I like and will be practical.  

The business card and postcard I really like.  The font I chose kind of reminded me of the lettering on the t-shirt.  I messed around for a while trying to find a photo that would print okay on my cheap printer. I was surprised that this is the one I ended up with.  I am very happy with everything, considering my ability, the costs involved and the time wasted.
Now I am off to the recorder concert and ice cream social at my kids’ school….


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3 responses to “Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

  1. kmala

    I like them a lot. is there anything on the back of the post card – like jam info or anything? I was thinking if it had some decription or something that they would be nice to leave in health food stores and stuff.

  2. Lavanga Manjari

    That design is the best! I mean it! 🙂Some really good (and cheap) resources for printing all sorts of stuff including business cards and postcards:http://www.jakprints.com/http://www.4by6.com/We used them a lot in the studio. They have a pretty quick turn around time too.

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    Oh, thank you ladies! Thank you!Kadamba, you will see when you get your order that I am using the postcards primarily to write a personal message to my customers when I ship their package. But your idea is good, too. I could use the blurb on my Home page.Labels coming soon….

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