So I Bought Your Jam…Now What?

Everyone loves jam. Or at least the idea of jam. Jam has the ability to sound both uppercrust and bagel shop at the same time. Although often served cold from the fridge, the idea of it is warming. Say it with or without a smile on your face, it still leaves you humming. Jammmmmm. Draw it out. It makes you feel good so you buy a few jars.

Then what?!

There are some people who eat toast with jam everyday for breakfast. These creatures of habit actually get excited about varieties of jam. They feel they get some excitement in their life while not having to stray from an old reliable favorite. These people, the jam on toasters, are the most likely to buy jam not on some kind of aesthetic whim but rather out of utilitarian purposes. They eat jam. They need jam. They buy jam.

And then there is everyone else. Most people who buy jam do not actually think about what they will do with it when they get it home. But that’s okay because they do have a lot of time to think. The official word on jam shelf life is two years, however, jams (especially traditional jams and jellies with high sugar contents) can last much longer than that without any problems arising. Nevertheless, most people like to consume their groceries in a timely fashion otherwise items on the pantry shelf get dusty. While I was never much one for the mathematical arts, I am confident to say that when it comes to eating, dusty food = scary food.

So, what to do?

Here are some serving suggestions for Sabjimata Jams, Jellies, Conserves, Fruit Butter and Syrups. I’m sure you can think of some ideas of your own. Please, feel free to share.

1)spread on toast (duh)

2)top hot waffles, pancakes (mustn’t be limited to syrup…jam is yum on pancake fun)

3)ice cream topping

4)cheesecake topping

5)pbj sandwhich, cream cheese and jam sandwich, grilled cheese and jam sandwich (apparently there are people who do this)

6)rub your tofu with it and bake (recommended: citrus conserves and spicy tomato jam)

7)serve with shortbread and fresh whipped cream

8)thumbprint cookies

9)fruit butter crisp

10)add a tablespoon of citrus conserve to steamed vegetables (for a sweet and sour effect)

11)drop a surprise into your cupcakes. fill cupcake paper halfway with batter, drop a bit of jam on top, cover with cupcake batter.

12)use as filling between layer cakes

13)give it as a gift and let someone else figure it out
So there you have it. It is true, aside from toast and ice cream, most everything else requires a little cooking work. But hey, at least you don’t have to make the jam. I already did that for you 😉

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