The Proof is in the Pudding.

When I was a kid my mother would make My*T*Fine chocolate pudding on the stove for me and my sister. When it was done cooking, we would lick the spoon, the pot, the whole shebang was ours.

There’s no way on earth I’m letting my kids’ tongues come in contact with my cookware, but there are ways around things in order to continue family traditions. It’s called a silicone spatula and a plate.

What I do is scrape the sides of the jam pot for whatever remains and then put it on a plate, where my kids can enjoy the warm remnants of my cooking. No tongue to pot contact necessary.

Here are some pictures of my son indulging in warm Rose Petal Jam straight off the stove. I am not an overly sentimental kind of mom, but when my son flashes a smile like this after tasting something I’ve cooked, well, I feel like a new mom all over again. You know, like how you feel when you hold your new baby during those first few months before you actually have any idea of how hard it’s going to get. It’s just love. And it feels like warm jam sweet on your tongue, sliding effortlessly down your throat.


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  1. Mandakini/Margaret

    *squeeeee!!!!!* Your son is so adorable! Thank you for sharing your experiences and realizations here. I heart your blog.

    We may come up and visit on the 2nd or 3rd July. My parents seem to be set to move up to WV the week before. We’d just be up for the day i think. According to googlemap you are 108 miles from Martinsburg, WV ;0)

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