Just this morning my husband was saying that every day feels like a beating. We just got done going over all the stuff we needed to accomplish during the next two days. Quickly we realized the supreme time factor was working against us.

I know we are not alone. I have a friend with triplets who’s house might as well be a laundromat. There is my 71 year old mother, who in addition to being a wife and a homemaker works a full-time job as a legal secretary while attending Rutgers University part time for her degree in Political Science. And then there is another friend who seems to work three jobs while pursuing a master’s degree. While taking care of her husband. And daughter. And dog. And trying to take care of herself. Oh, and did I mention she also somehow squeezed enough time out of life to learn a musical instrument this past year?

Ready to slow down? So are a lot of other people. posted an article about the “Slow Movement’s” gaining momentum.

Today wasn’t exactly a slow day but it was a focused day. And the focus was slow food.I spent the entire day making jam. Yesterday I was feeling more jambivalence, but today I was feeling the pull of the strawberries and rose petals. It takes a lot of time to make jam. And a lot of fruit. I’m really grateful my husband gave me the day to devote to Sabjimata. But sometimes, I wish slow food didn’t take so darn long to make.



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3 responses to “SLOW DOWN!!!

  1. kmala

    jambivalence. love that.

  2. Avadhuta-priya dasi

    Yep, I also need to slow down, but I am still in illusion that one day I will beat the time factor, he, he, he. Slow food – cool! 😉

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    thanks for the comments, gals!

    avadhuata-priya…you are at the lotus feet of sri sri radha raman…if you are rushing anywhere, you have rushed to the right place.

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