Rhubarb Proves Me Not a Boy Scout

Tuesday I went with one of the moms from my kids school to the Boalsburg Farmer’s Market at the parking lot of the Pennsylvania Military Museum. I went in search of rhubarb.

Well, a day late and a dollar short, everyone was sold out of rhubarb. I am not sure if they were sold out of it indefinitely or if we just got there too late in the day. Down by our house the rhubarb is done with. I should have been prepared. I should have bought it in anticipation of the soon to be ripe strawberries, but to be honest my mind has been elsewhere. Like, with my body sitting in the parking lot of Barnes & Noble waiting for the day to pass while my kids are in preschool.
I ask you,wasn’t preschool designed so that mothers can have a little time to themselves during the day? At home? So that they can make jam at an hour which is not god forsaken? And my kids’ preschool is not some 2 hour coloring getaway twice a week. This is a full day, five days a week, from 8:30 to 2! Well, at least they’re having fun.
Anyway, there was no rhubarb. Liz, the mom who brought me to the farmer’s market, might bring me some from her CSA today.
Will there be Strawberry Rhubarb Conserve? I’ll have to leave you with a cliffhanger on that one…
In the meantime, here are pictures of my kids with Liz’s son, Makena, having fun climbing the lead paint encrusted war tanks on the grounds of the museum.

You can tell from my son’s Robert Deniro mug that he thinks he is a real wise-guy. Actually, he thinks making other people laugh is a great virtue. Apparently he is pretty popular with the 2 to six crowd.


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