Making Me Happy–Making Rose Petal Jam

Rose Petal Jam makes me happy. The smell of it cooking. The transformation from fluffy flower to cooked jam. The suspension of petals behind glass. It’s all a sort of simple magic–transforming a centerpiece into a condiment. Just add sugar and stir!


This week I have “tweezers” on my shopping list. While I have a set of kitchen scissors, which I tend to use only when making artichokes, I don’t know why kitchen tweezers never caught on. I will use my tweezers to extract any errant greenery floating in my boiling pot of rose petals. Right now I just have to plunge my hand into the boiling syrup, which can kind of hurt.

I keep the jars in an oven heated at 200 so that they are sterile for canning.

(I know, if you’ve seen one batch of Rose Petal Jam you’ve seen them all!)
In our gardens we have five different variety of roses. This means different petal size, different potency of fragrance and of course, different colors.  Light pink, bright baby pink, magenta, red and deep red–all these colors add a natural variety and distinctiveness between jars.  My Rose Petal Jam is rarely made with just one kind of petals and therefore the final outcome varies in hue from batch to batch.

Here is a batch of Harriet’s Thumbprint Cookies, ready to go into the oven. All the cookies are dotted with Rose Petal Jam from two different jars. As you can see, one is a deep red and the other a bright pink.

Ripped clothing is a casualty of rose picking, as are bloody scratches on face, hands and arms. Because I am a chronic sandal wearer, thorns in the feet are also commonplace rose injuries.

If you are keeping up with this blog, than obviously you must be just a wee bit interested in edible flowers.  Want to take a quiz to see how much you know?  I scored a 12 out of 15, which is above the average score of 9 out of 15.  This made me feel pretty good since I am clearly below average in just about everything else in life.  If you like, go ahead and post your scores in my comments.  
Good luck!


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4 responses to “Making Me Happy–Making Rose Petal Jam

  1. Madhava

    13 0f 15. I had the true or false one correct then mentaled out and changed it for one wrong answer.

  2. Jahnavi

    12 out of 15 – I objected to the movie question – that wasn’t really about flowers!Looking at pictures of your cookies is making me hungry…

  3. kmala

    why not using salad tongs?

  4. Devadeva Mirel

    wow! you guys did great on the quiz. i know it was kind of lame. especially that movie question. madhava ghosh did so well…too bad there is no prize for this one!!kmala aka kadamba…tongs would be too cumbersome. the precision of tweezers…or an opposing thumb…is where it’s at!!!

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