Around the Garden

A quick look at the garden this morning revealed to me more roses opening. Does anyone know what variety these are?

I found a raspberry bramble growing near our water wheel. It wasn’t there last year, but I won’t complain.  I hope the next owners don’t either.  

The peonies are opening as well. I encourage everyone out there who isn’t afraid of eating flowers to pluck a petal from a blossom and taste. You will be surprised by the decidedly unfloral flavor of the peony. Rich, earthy, slightly bitter, the taste of the peony petals are reminiscent of good dark chocolate.

That reminds me of an article I saw last week in the New York Times about a very expensive, very un-local little berry (Synsepalum dulcificum) that binds to the tongue’s taste buds and alters the perception of flavor.  Apparently, people are doing this just for fun.  So save yourself the price of $2 a berry pop for a food fling and get out in your yard and start tasting!  An unusual taste experience is waiting for you right in your very own garden beds.


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3 responses to “Around the Garden

  1. trillium

    How tall is the rosebush? Does it flower once in a season, or does it repeat bloom? Does it produce rosehips? What color are they? Are the calyx and stalk covered with a mossy growth? Is the flower fragrance weak or strong?It could be a centifolia or a rugosa. Could you give a better close-up? I have three illustrated books on roses but I need to see a better shot of the bloom and a leaf.

  2. trillium

    It’s possibly Baronne Prevost . . .Is the plant about as wide (4′) as it is tall?Does it have a green “button” eye (center)?

  3. Devadeva Mirel

    the bush is taller than me. i am 5 ft 2. no rosehips. no mossy growth.very stong fragrance. it is a wide plant, possibly as wide as button eye center.thanks for taking the time to think about this! so sweet of you..

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