U-Pick Here

Strawberry season has officially begun! We have a few sources for local and organic strawberries around here and I plan to take advantage of them as much as possible. Last year the kids and I were home all the time and it seemed like all we did for the first two weeks of June was pick strawberries, eat strawberries, make strawberry jam and eat hot strawberry jam. This year we mostly drive back and forth to State College for pre-school.

When I was driving the kids home from pre-school Monday I passed the Amish farm and could not help but stop short at the sight of their sign. “Stawberries.” Although they have great organic produce, their strawberries were too costly for my jam op. Better to stick with pick your own.

I checked in with the local Hare Krishna farm to see what was going on with their strawberries but it looks like they will be peaking around next week. I then called Brummer’s Farm to find out their price—same as the Amish on the already picked but the pick your own was reasonable. I told Meg that I would be by on Friday morning to pick but she seemed to think I should come right away.

My husband was leaving for work in an hour and a half and there wasn’t much time. But I do tend to get fruit panic attacks when I think of berries ripening in the field. Madhava sensed that I was getting stressed out trying to figure out when I would be able to pick so he suggested that I grab a bucket and go.

In an hour I was able to pick 2 gallons of strawberries, which isn’t that much, but a start nonetheless. And it was enough to alleviate a strawberry related panic attack. For now. At least until next week when the strawberries peak at the Hare Krishna farm.

Hopefully by then my legs will adjust to the picking squat position. Either the pain I am feeling in my thighs is testimony to the really good workout gotten from berry picking or just more proof that my physical age is closer to 63 than 33.


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