Off the Record (Ginger Jam)

I had a lot of ginger left over from another batch of asparagus pickle I never got around to making. The ginger was not grown locally. I have no idea where it is from other than I got it at the local Wegman’s (which is over an hour away from my home). I use it in my pickles as a spice and feel that is fine. But I wanted to make ginger jam from it, which is also fine. Only I cannot put the Sabjimata label on it because as a jam, I don’t feel it qualifies as local since the main ingredient is from Wegman’s only knows where.

The jam turned out great–spicy and sweet. It is like a spreadable version of those ginger candies I was obsessed with when I was pregnant. I think it would be great on a marinated tofu sandwich or even spread on some apple slices for a light snack.

If anyone would like to order some, that is fine, but I am not listing it on my shopping page. To order Ginger Jam, email me at An 8 oz jar can be yours for $3.75. If you are ordering other stuff, I will surely combine the shipping.


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