The Best Rose Petal Jam

I made another batch of Rose Petal Jam and this time it was perfection. I decided to use organic evaporated cane juice as opposed to turbinado so the color really pops. I was going with turbinado because the cane is super expensive in Florida (which doesn’t make any sense since the company is Florida Crystals…importing sugar from Mauritius).  But I am willing to spend the extra money because in this case, which  sugar I use really does make a difference in the presentation of the jam. The bouquet, color and texture are all perfect. Oh yeah, the taste, too!

Here I am pouring….

Adjusting the lid…

And canning in a hot water bath to make sure the jam is bacteria free.
All I need to do now is apply the labels and ship the jars out.  Still working on the label thing…
The roses are all starting to open so our house will pretty much smell like a wedding as I cook Rose Petal Jam every moment of my spare time.  Mmmmm. Breathe in.

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